New photobook reveals the beauty and fragility of the world's jungles

Move over Mowgli and Baloo, there’s a new jungle book in town – a brand new edition of the stunning coffee table book Jungle Spirits has just be

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Pictured is The Daintree rainforest in Queensland, Australia. According to Ziegler it’s the world’s oldest tropical forest. This snap is used to introduce a chapter in the book that’s titled ‘Green’. In it, the authors write about how tropical forests epitomise the power of photosynthesis

This action shot shows a hummingbird pollinating the flower of an orchid in the cloud forest of western Panama. Ziegler explains: ‘You can see the purple pollen packet attached to the tip of its beak.’ This image features in a chapter on orchids and their pollinators

This saddening image depicts how logging roads and clearfelling have torn into the primary forest of Sabah, Malaysia. The photo features in a chapter titled ‘People and the Forest’, which considers the impact humans have had on tropical forests and the moral obligation they have to conserve the world’s most diverse ecosystems

A complicated tangle of lianas (a woody vine) grows on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, in this image. The book explains: ‘Lianas exploit the trees. These vines climb up tree trunks and over branches, using the structure of the trees to put their own leaves above the canopy’

Ziegler calls the cat-eyed snake in this gruesome shot ‘a fierce predator’. In this image it’s eating a clutch of red-eyed treefrog eggs. The shot was taken in Panama, where Ziegler and Dent now live

The foreword to Jungle Spirits, written by Ruth Eichhorn, former director of photography at Geo magazines, reads: ‘Without people like Christian Ziegler and Daisy Dent [pictured], we’d be blind to this part of the world that belongs to us and is of the utmost importance to human survival on our planet’


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