The crippling

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The crippling in the US is taking its toll on almost everyone – even former First Daughter Sasha Obama, who wore a rather pained expression as she filled up her car with gas on Monday, hours after the average national price soared to more than $5 a gallon for the first time in history. 

Sasha, 21, was pictured sporting a very colorful ensemble while pumping gas at a Mobil station in – where prices were listed at a staggering $7.69-per-gallon for Regular Unleaded and $7.79 for Premium Unleaded. 

But while the younger daughter of former President and First Lady Michelle failed to raise a smile as she completed her costly errand, she still managed to convey some positivity through her unique multi-colored ensemble, which featured a cropped patchwork-style hoodie, a matching patchwork skirt, and a bright yellow T-shirt. 

Sasha added some further flair to her look in the form of some bright beaded necklaces, chunky rings, a silver belly button ring, and a pair of boldly-colored Nike sneakers. 

Sasha Obama looked less than thrilled as she filled up her car with gas on Monday – shortly after it was revealed that the average national price from gas has soared to a whopping $5.014

The former First Daughter, 21, put on a very colorful display in a patchwork-style cropped hoodie and matching skirt as she made her way out of her car 

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    Here's a snap of Sasha Obama at the gas station in a super colorful and funky get-up. We can see that the prints on her clothes are abstract and mismatched but somehow they all mesh well together perfectly.

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    Sasha pumped her own gas at the Mobil station in California, showing off some long orange-and-black acrylic nails as she used the pump  

    The University of Southern California student relocated to Los Angeles when she transferred from the University of Michigan to the West Coast-based school – joining her older sister Malia, 23, who is working as a TV writer in the city 

    Her skirt also featured a nod to her father’s birthplace – Hawaii; one of the patches on the design had a picture of a Hawaiian registration plate with the word ‘Relax’ written across it. 

    Obama was born in Hawaii, owns a sprawling property there, and has vacationed there with his wife and kids every December for many years now. 

    The gas station where Sasha was seen had listed sky-high prices of $7.69 per gallon for Regular Unleaded and $7.79-per-gallon for Special Unleaded 

    But while Sasha may have been eager to encourage others to ‘relax’, she looked anything but chilled out as she filled up her tank at the pricey gas station – hours after the national average price for gas soared past the $5 for the first time in history this weekend.

    The college student is though to be driving a Subaru Outback, an SUV that starts at $27,645 for a base 2022 model and goes up to $40,645 for the highest-end option. 

    Depending on the model that Sasha has, she would likely have had to fill it up with either Regular Unleaded or Premium; the 2022 models have an 18.5 gallon tank, which means the price of filling it up completely would have been over $142 for regular fuel, or more than $144 for premium at the station where she was seen getting gas. 

    Gas prices are up $1.94 from this time last year, spiking 50 cents in the last month alone, according to the AAA Gas Price Index. 

    California, where Sasha moved to during the pandemic after transferring from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California, currently has the highest prices of any state in the US, with figures released on Monday revealing a state-wide average price of $6.44-per-gallon.

    Speaking to reporters on Saturday, President Joe Biden – who served as Vice President to Sasha’s father, former President Obama for eight years – said Russia’s war in Ukraine was the blame for the surge in the cost in the price of oil and gas.

    ‘It’s outrageous what the war in Ukraine is causing,’ Biden said.

    ‘We’re trying very hard to make sure we can significantly increase the amount of barrels of oil that are being pumped out of the reserve we have,’ he added.

    The national average price for gas passed the $5 mark for the first time in history over the weekend – with President Joe Biden, who served as Obama’s Vice President for eight years, blaming the increasing cost on Russia once again 

    Sasha failed to raise a smile as she filled her car with gas – perhaps a sign of her displeasure with the soaring costs of living 

    The younger Obama sister wore her long hair in a half-up style and she sported several colorful necklaces over her yellow tee

    She was seen with her wallet in her hand, preparing to pay the staggering price for her full tank

    Biden is facing growing political backlash as high prices increase the pain for American families, who are seeing daily records at the gas pump.

    Overall, global oil prices are rising, compounded by sanctions against Russia, a leading oil producer, because of its war against Ukraine.

    In addition, there are limits on refining capacity in the U.S. because some refineries shut down during the pandemic.

    The combined result is seeing the cost of filling up surging, draining money from Americans who are facing the highest rate of inflation since 1981.

    On Monday, it was revealed that thousands of Californians are now fleeing to Mexico amid the soaring cost of living in the Golden State, with many taking advantage of the ongoing work-from-home opportunities being offered by their companies in order to enjoy a cheaper lifestyle in Central America. 

    Others who are required to work in-office have relocated to Mexico and are commuting to their jobs in the US. 

    Her patchwork skirt featured a Hawaiian registration plate with the word ‘Relax’ written across it; Sasha’s father Barack was born in Hawaii and the family have a house there, where they vacation every December 

    Sasha has been spotted out and about in LA on several occasions since she moved to the city to join her older sister – and earlier this year, revealed that she has met a boyfriend while living in California 

    In April, it was revealed that the former First Daughter is dating Clifton Powell Jr. the son of Ray actor Clifton Powell – however she has not been pictured with her beau since then  

    Sasha was seen pulling her skirt down as she emerged from her vehicle before heading to the pump 

    While it seems unlikely that Sasha or her older sister Malia would ever make such a move, it seems clear that the younger of the two siblings is less-than-impressed with the soaring gas prices in the state she has chosen to call home, given the glum expression she wore as she filled up her car. 

    Sasha appeared to be flying solo while she completed her errands and was pictured without her older sibling or her boyfriend, Clifton Powell Jr., son of Ray actor Clifton Powell. revealed exclusively in April that the two were in a relationship having met after Sasha transferred to USC to complete her college education. 

    Clifton is the second child of his actor father – who has starred in multiple TV shows and movies over the years, including Ray, which he featured in alongside Jamie Foxx. 

    Sasha’s older sister Malia is currently working as a writer on Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon project, Hive, having moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Harvard in order to pursue a career as a screenwriter. 

    In March, Glover revealed that he had given the former First Daughter her first job out of college, while gushing about her ‘amazing talent’ and ‘focus’. 

    The national average gas price in the US hit $5 for the first time in history this weekend – with California now boasting the highest prices in the country at an average of $6.44 per gallon  

    The multihyphenate, who is also known by his stage name Childish Gambino, was at the season three premiere of ‘Atlanta’ when he opened up about he recruited the Harvard University graduate to work in the writers’ room on his latest project.

    ‘She’s just like, an amazingly talented person,’ Glover, 38, told  of Malia back in March. ‘She’s really focused, and she’s working really hard.’

    Glover did not reveal how Malia — who interned on Lena Dunham’s HBO series ‘Girls’ in 2015 and at The Weinstein Company in 2017 — landed the job after she graduated from college last year.

    His younger brother Stephen Glover is also working on the upcoming Amazon project, and he said they were interested in ‘hearing her stories and having her work with them,’ which suggests they may have approached her about the position.

    Glover said he believes Malia has a promising future in the industry, telling the publication, ‘I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon.’

    ‘Her writing style is great,’ he added.

    Malia also earned praise from Stephan, who commended her work ethic and ideas, saying they are happy to have her on the team because of her perspective.

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